Yep ...we are all still patiently waiting for the day when the people from world's oldest continuing culture, holding the same legal rights as a rock on a track before 1967, the traditional owners of this land, are at least acknowledged in the Constitution of Australia as part of the development of a treaty and edge closer to true reconciliation.

Yep - we are all still waiting ....

13 Sep 2020

Mooney Mooney Point (East), Hawkesbury River

Indeterminate Banded Engraving
This indeterminate banded engraving is located east of Mooney Mooney Point , north of Spectacle Island in the Hawkesbury River. This site is accessible via water only.

Jewfish Engraving Site, Spectacle Island, Hawkesbury River

Jewfish #1 on vertical rock wall
Pair of large Jewfish on vertical rock wall

Large Jewfish #2 on vertical rock wall

Appears as a human head with two eyes adjacent to the Jewfish
This set of engravings is located on a vertical rock wall on Spectacle Island in the Hawkesbury River not far from the Hawkesbury River road bridge and accessible via boat or kayak at high tide.

29 Aug 2020

Baiame and Rainbow Serpent, Christmas Tree Hill, Cottage Point

Lower detail of Baiame

One of two shields

2nd Shield of Baiame

Appears as a woomera

Lower half of rainbow serpent

Initiated Man

Upper half of Rainbow Serpent

Appears as an additional shield

View over engraving platform

A number of significant sites are located on Christmas Tree Hill (Taber Trig). Of particular significance is the presence of Baiame, an initiated man, and the very rare engraving of a rainbow serpent. The rainbow serpent is a very, very rare engraving in the Sydney / Hawkesbury District. The rainbow serpent is present in one other place in Kuringai National Park, at Somersby, Mangrove Mountain, Gunderman and Cattai.